sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012


Just made my first ever ever ever ever Sockets in JAVA! :D Basically it's a chat between the Server and the Client.

Next Version:
v0.3 - GUI

v0.2 - More clients at a time. <3

Current Version:
v0.1 - Only 1 client at a time. Client DL: SOON

luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

It's not a zombie game! But 2 games and WIP

 1) School game

The school game I tried to make as a zombie game turned up to be a Spy game with stealth features. I just made some pretty basic stuff (thanks to the minicraft engine). You can play the game here: link

2) SideCraft

It's a 2D Minecraft, called it sidecraft because it's a sidescroller and it;s like minecraft. No pics available yet!

Until next time, Game on! 

luni, 12 decembrie 2011

Zombie game in java WIP!

Hello fans, friends, slaves.. *coughs*.

I want to tell you today that I will create a new game in java. My main topic was a zombie game! :)

- Items bar.
- Survival methodes (hide in buildings etc)
- PROBABLY multiplayer coop.
- Online stats ;) (LOVE!)

miercuri, 17 august 2011


Ok. So I decided to put a small HALT at the blender project since it's taking A LOT of my time and resume my minecraft outputs!

Don't Worry friends! The MC: XG Pack will be out. All i got to do it transfer everything from MMI to pure Minecraft Code.

Until that, Game on!

vineri, 8 iulie 2011

I think I am on the RIGHT path?

Hello dear subscribers, friends, fans etc.
Finally I considered taking Blender and my impression was AMAZING!

I will be currently working on a FPS type.
I will try and replicate* a few of the CryEngine 3 techniques but It will be worth it.
*replicate = trying to simulate some Crysis features like bobbing when moving, sprinting, cloaking etc.

Till then, Game on! :)

luni, 25 aprilie 2011

Preview on MC: XG Pack version 1.0

 = Dragon pickaxe :crafted from Dragon gems it has the quality of a diamond pickaxe just more efficient on obsidian and easier to get
 = Dragon sword : it has the quality of a diamond sword puts enemies on fire.
 =Flux Capacitor: It's a pre-preview on a  mod I am working on. At the moment it heals you completely.
=Obsidian Ingots: Used to craft obsidian tools (more screens here too)


luni, 18 aprilie 2011

Minecraft XG Pack (WIP)

I am currently working on minecraft on the new MINECRAFT XG PACK.

The items will include new weapons, armour, ingots and many many many many MORE!

Stay tuned for more Stuff and new packs ;)